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Really, this is a controversy? LeBron in an Akron T-shirt?

lebron akron shirt

The photo of LeBron James at the right (the full length version is below) is basically a Rorschach test about what you think of LeBron.

Here are the facts: LeBron tweeted this photo of himself with two young children who did something very sweet — they raised money at a lemonade stand in Akron and donated it to LeBron’s foundation.

What irritated some was what LeBron is wearing — a T-shirt saying Akron (his home town) in the Miami Heat font, and a Heat hat. (Nike made the shirt by the way, bet they sold a dozen of those.)

Is LeBron clueless to what the masses (and many in Akron) think? Maybe. Is he just a slave to Nike. Maybe. Does he not care what any of you think? Probably. Is this really something worth getting worked up over. No.

Man, I can’t wait for the lockout to be over.