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Report: Andre Iguodala wants winning or a trade out of Philadelphia


Philadelphia has been unimpressive so far this season, two losses and generally looking pretty blah. You’ve got new head coach Doug Collins saying, “there’s more work to be done here than I thought.” Fans are down o the team. It’s not good.

After spending the summer with USA Basketball, Andre Iguodala is not down with another season of blah and losing.

Iguodala’s people have told the Sixers that if things don’t turn around he’d like to be traded, according to Chris Broussard of ESPN. There have been conflicting rumors but this report seems to make them fit together. The report adds that the Sixers are getting calls about him but right now there are no talks.

Think of this as the first step down a long road, Sixers fans. It could fade away and be nothing, or it could go down the Carmelo Anthony road. Way too early to tell.

Iggy’s not going to demand a trade publicly (because that comes with a fine, it is not his style and he would get shredded in the Philadelphia media and by fans). Plus, he doesn’t have the contract leverage that Carmelo Anthony has — Iggy has this season then two more on his deal, plus a player option for a fourth year. He’s a big, expensive long-term deal that’s not easy to move.

If Philadelphia even wanted to. They said they have had no such request from Iguodala. Which is true — these things work through back channels, Iguodala’s people would let the Sixers know in an informal way. It is how information travels in the NBA.

Broussard talks about Iguodala wanting to be traded to Chicago, the place everyone wants to go these days. But it will get complex because if the Sixers move him they will head into a rebuilding mode and will be looking for picks and expiring deals, things the Bulls are not flush with.

But we don’t seem to be at that point yet.