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Report: Blake Griffin broke hand hitting Clippers’ equipment staffer

Not only will Blake Griffin's broken hand, as a result of a fight with a Clippers staff member, keep him from a tough stretch in the schedule, but it's harmful for his personal image which Kurt Helin calls a "black eye."

It was curious that the description of how Clippers’ All-Star Blake Griffin broke his hand was an “undisclosed team-related incident.” That’s vague and led to a lot of speculation about who Griffin may or may not have punched, or what else might have happened.

Now we get some details from ESPN’s Michael Eaves — who if you didn’t know worked on the Clippers broadcasts in Los Angeles for years until his recent move to ESPN. Arash Markazi of ESPN adds some details, saying both parties have been sent back to Los Angeles.

If this is true, it’s embarrassing for Griffin — who was not even suited up and playing for the Clippers in Toronto (he was expected to return Tuesday from his injured quad, but now will be out at least a few more weeks). I don’t what the two were fighting about, but apparently they two get along (as evidenced by the fact they were out to dinner together), according to Arash Markazi of ESPN.

Not knowing the details, I will still say this: There is a pecking order around an NBA locker room, and it falls on the guys at the top of that to be generous of spirit. Griffin is an NBA superstar making $18.9 million in salary plus wheelbarrows full of cash from Kia and other endorsers, while team equipment staff have a low-paying job literally picking up the sweaty underwear of player — not to mention wet towels, smelly socks and the rest of it — off the floor. Then they do Griffin’s laundry for him. I’m hard pressed to have much sympathy for Griffin here, who needed to be the bigger man and walk away, or deal with this in a way that is not a major setback for himself and the Clippers. Griffin can’t put himself in a position to let this happen.