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Report: Celtics working hard to get into NBA Draft top 14

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Right now the Boston Celtics own the numbers 21 and 22 picks in this draft. History shows us what that really means is between the two picks the Celtics probably get one guy who could be a rotation player in a few years.

That doesn’t really work for Boston. So it makes sense that they are trying to move up, as Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo tweeted.

Boston is aggressively working to move up into the late lottery, if not higher, league sources tell Y!. Celtics own No. 21 and 22 picks.

Put simply, one late lottery pick is more likely to pan out as valuable than 21 and 22. The NBA draft is not like the NFL draft where you stockpile picks for a large team and quality depth really matters. In the NBA it’s about elite talent and history shows you once you even get out of the top 10 most guys are pretty must just guys at the NBA level. Yes, there are exceptions, and there will be one or two in this deep draft. But does Boston really just need another rotation player?

Danny Ainge needs to try and be bold. It’s just a question of how much he has to give up (and what he has to offer that other teams want). It’s not much on that Celtics roster (teams don’t want older players and Boston doesn’t have a lot of young players they are willing to move).