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Report: ESPN considering Isiah Thomas as studio analyst

You may not remember this, but before Isiah Thomas was a bad college coach or was ruining the Knicks, he was a pretty mediocre television analyst back when this network broadcast NBA games.

Now, ESPN/ABC may be bringing him back to the studio.

At least they are thinking about it, reports the New York Post.

Isiah Thomas , who had an undistinguished run as an NBA in-game analyst with NBC — and as a Knicks’ exec was successfully sued for sexual harassment — is a candidate for a studio position with ESPN.

Yes, we are talking the New York Post, so take this rumor with plenty of salt. Exactly what role in studio we don’t know, but you can imagine Thomas would jump at this kind of opportunity to keep himself in the limelight.

But the sexual harassment thing is a good point — if you are a corporation thinking about hiring Thomas your workplace culture and the risks have to be considered.

My guess is nothing comes of this. But I also think he will land a job somewhere in or around the NBA. If I had to guess where, I would imagine with a team on a very densely populated island in New York, but that would just be speculation.