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Report: Everything on table when LeBron starts to explore offseason options

Chris Haynes joins the show to discuss the NBA Finals, the Warriors' success and LeBron James' future once the series is over.

The Philadelphia 76ers? Houston Rockets? Los Angeles Lakers?

Maybe, all those scenarios have been mentioned. What about a long shot, such as the San Antonio Spurs? Milwaukee Bucks? Boston Celtics? Staying in Cleveland?

It feels like LeBron James is gone from Cleveland this summer, but beyond that it’s really all just speculation. When LeBron and his team get serious about this, everything is on the table, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on The Jump.

“There is no scenario that he will not do. There is no pathway he will not check out. He believes at this point in his career he has got a blank check. That everything he’s accomplished, his legacy his secure. If he wants to do something radical, he’ll do it. If he wants to play it safe, stay [in Cleveland], he’ll do it. And frankly he doesn’t care what any of us think about it.”

The only thing we know for sure: LeBron’s agent Rich Paul and his business partner Maverick Carter have been laying the groundwork for LeBron’s options already. They know how to work back channels and do it quietly, they did it in 2014 when LeBron returned to Cleveland.

The one thing that LeBron has made clear, his next move is about winning championships.

It’s highly unlikely LeBron leaves Cleveland for a smaller market, even if it makes some basketball sense (sorry New Orleans/Utah/Milwaukee/etc.). But nothing is off the table — including LeBron joining forces with a free agent like Paul George or Chris Paul (would CP3 go to the Lakers with LeBron?). LeBron is, to use his own words, chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan in the legacy department, and he’s going to go to the best place to help him do that.