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Report: NBA employees strike, criticize league overly relying on players for social-justice push

Professional sports leagues continued to postpone games as players wanted the focus to remain on racial injustice and social reforms.

The NBA players’ strike was short and seemingly achieved no tangible goals.

It was also inspirational.

It inspired people to pay closer attention to players’ racial-justice messages. It inspired athletes in other sports to sit out, and we’ll see where that leads. It inspired NBA players to make greater demands of owners. It might inspire owners to listen, lest they face another work stoppage.

And it inspired league employees to strike today.

Malika Andrews of ESPN:

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated:

Shams Charania of The Athletic:

The employees are correct: The NBA relies on its majority-Black players to push social-justice initiatives.

That’s because the players are the ones most affected by the racism plaguing this country. Majority-white owners can live more comfortably. In some ways, this is the natural progression.

But the grievances have been shared (and shared and shared and…). It’s now on the owners – and Silver, who has his own connections – to carry the torch if they truly care about these issues. With their wealth and political clout, they have far more power to enact change.

Owners might resist spending more or further intertwining their teams with politics. In some respects, that’s understandable. Players’ salaries were collectively bargained. What more do owners owe?

But players just showed the status quo wasn’t good enough. They’re increasingly discontent living amid racism, even while earning high salaries in the NBA. They took bold action to prove that – and could again.

Silver has frequently touted the owners and players being partners in the league’s operation. That’s true, as each side splits revenue about 50-50. Black players also want fair treatment in the world. If truly their partners, owners would proactively help with that.