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Report: New NBA television deal nine-year, $24 billion contract with future Web streaming spun off

NBA players back out

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We told you the NBA’s new television deal will be formally announced Monday morning, but the details are starting to come in Sunday night.

This deal is MASSIVE — it averages out to $2.7 billion per season.

From Rich Sandomir of the New York Times.

It’s also very forward thinking. The Wall Street Journal’s Ben Cohen and Shalini Ramachandran say that the NBA and ESPN have “laid plans in partnership” to spin off steaming of games (currently done through the NBA’s League Pass Broadband, and possibly more options soon) to a new online streaming service. This would be for regular season games only.

That would be interesting, the NBA has been way ahead of other leagues in terms of streaming and getting their content out there where it can be seen (go try and find NFL highlight plays on YouTube). The NBA knows its demographic skews younger and that means needing to be on the cutting edge of technology.

This deal also keeps Fox Sports 1 or any other national network from getting games. ESPN paid a premium to keep everyone else out.

This is going to be big for the players — the salary cap over the next few years is going to skyrocket. Half of that extra revenue goes to the players (as negotiated in the last CBA), which is why players such as LeBron James and others have pushed for shorter contracts — they want new ones when the cap goes up. That increase may be phased in (depending on the deal), but it is coming.

Once again, things just seem to be going well in the Adam Silver era.