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Report: Pistons want to move Rip Hamilton but not Tayshaun Prince


Maybe this report is part of a planned smokescreen. Pistons fans should hope it is.

Detroit is still trying to move Richard Hamilton — with no success — but does not want to deal Tayshaun Prince before the deadline, according to a tweet from Marc Stein of ESPN.

The whole Hamilton thing makes sense. Of course the Pistons want to move the declining Hamilton. Of course nobody wants to take on the $25 million he is owed for two seasons after this. Not with a new and unknown Collective Bargaining Agreement looming out there. The three-team Carmelo Anthony trade was their best hope and when that died the chances of moving Rip dropped faster than auto stocks in the past five years.

But not moving Prince would be a mistake.

He has value both as a player and an expiring $11.1 million expiring deal. At age 30 he can still be a plus defender on the wing, and is scoring a career high 14.6 points per game and is shooting well from everywhere (including 38.9 percent from three). A lot of teams can use him. The Pistons need to rebuild, they need young players and picks. Trading Prince can get them that, they’d be foolish to hold on to him and let him walk as a free agent.

A lot of times a rumor like this is a team’s way of saying, “stop lowballing us, if you want a good player come with a good offer.” Maybe that’s the game here. Let’s hope so because moving Prince can be a big first step in remaking the Pistons.