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Rihanna’s cheering for LeBron pushed Warriors owner to switch seats in Game 1

2015 NBA Finals - Game One

2015 NBA Finals - Game One

Ezra Shaw

OAKLAND — I would tell you that pop star Rihanna was sitting courtside for Game 1 of the NBA Finals, but you already knew that because the ABC broadcast made sure you knew that.

She was sitting next to Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob, who midway through the game moved a couple seats down away from her, putting his fiancee in between them.

Twitter loved that and speculation came up that it was the fiancee that didn’t want her man sitting next to Rihanna. But Lacob, at an event the next day, said he moved for a different reason — Rihanna wouldn’t stop cheering for LeBron.

“She bought seats, paid a lot of money for them and she can root for whoever she wants, right? But I thought I would be a nice guy and took my two kids, who go to a lot of games and booted them down to the end of the court and moved her next to me. I said hey sit next to the owner, it is a nice thing to do. I thought I was being friendly. She was rooting for LeBron the whole game so finally I was getting irritated and I said hey I’m the owner of the Warriors. She didn’t care, she just kept going. So finally I said that’s it and I moved a couple seats down. Everyone has it that I moved my finance next to her because she got upset that I was sitting next to Rihanna which is not true.”

The Warriors are not going to be making a lot of adjustments on the court for Game 2, but one thing may be different: If Rihanna is there no way Lacob moves his kids out of the prime seats for her again.

(Hat tip to Eye on Basketball for finding the video.)