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Scottie Pippen says Michael Jordan could score 100 points today

Back in the Jordan era, defenders out on the wing could “hand check” — put their hands on the guy with the ball — and there was no call. A little grab, a little push did not elicit a whistle. Nor did Jordan pushing off to create space.

Today (for the last decade almost), you can’t touch a guy on the wing or it’s a foul.

Put Jordan in today’s NBA and he could average 40 points and score 100 in a game, Scottie Pippen said on Dan Patrick’s national radio show today, as reported by CSN Chicago.

“The game now is so offensively driven,” Pippen said. “It’s so easy for an offensive player to keep his aggressiveness with the basketball player.”

Pippen also agreed with Jordan that Derrick Rose should be MVP this season.

Good to know that 13 years after they stopped playing together Pippen is still kissing up to Jordan.