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Shaq goes cosmic, man

Peter Max was one of the world’s most famous artists in the late 1960s. His love poster hung on the wall of every college dorm room for kids to stare at while they got stoned and talked about how bad the war was and how they should just drop out and join the hippies.

Shaquille O’Neal has hooked up with him just in time.

Legendary “cosmic” artist Max has painted some portraits of Shaq, using his time-tested technique of blending photographs and vivid colors. And it can be yours -- autographed by Shaq -- for just $200.

I’m no art critic, so I’ll say that this lands on the art scale somewhere between Dogs Playing Poker and Jackson Pollock’s One: number 31.

Buy this now. Who doesn’t need a colorful portrait of Shaq in their living room. Or in your college dorm room, to stare at when you’re stoned and talk about how good you are at NBA 2K10 and how you should just drop out and join a high tech firm.