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Shaq still wants to play in Boston. Or wherever they will pay him.


It should be Shaq vs. Free Agency.

And right now free agency is winning -- Shaquille O’Neal remains without a team. But on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show Monday night (or early Tuesday morning, if you prefer) Shaq said he would love to play in Boston.

“Celtics would be a good program.”

Shaq said he was on the “730 day program” meaning he wants to play two more years. And he said despite having played for the Lakers, he’d have no problem putting on a Celtics uniform.

The question remains money and fit. Shaq still wants to get paid, at least the mid-level exception of $5.8 million but the reported offers coming in are much smaller. In addition, contending teams are questioning if the big personality of Shaq is worth it for a backup center.

He can still play, he will eventually come to terms with some team. But those terms may be the team’s, not Shaq’s.