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Shaq was an undercover Lyft driver — and some people didn’t recognize him

When Shaq walks into a room, you know. Not because of his big, playful personality — although he certainly has that — but because the man is just massive. He’s 7'1", pushing 350 pounds, and when he shakes your hand his fingers come way up your arm. He’s also a fact that is all over your television — he’s a crossover media personality known by many.

Yet, when he wore some ridiculous disguises — and used some terrible accents — a couple of people did not recognize him as their Lyft driver, as you can see in the video above.

Lyft has done this before with famous sports stars — most notably Danica Patrick and Jerry Rice — but it’s a little easier to disguise them than the massive frame of Shaq. Still, a bunch of the passengers seemed fooled. Somehow.

The Big Lyft Driver makes for a funny video.