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Sixers: Larry Brown rumors “total, unadulterated bull”

Like weeds, every few days new “Larry Brown will head to Philadelphia” rumors come up. And just as fast everyone involved pulls out the Round-Up and tries to kill it.

But the rumors and denials circle will not die

Yesterday, the Larry Brown to the Sixers rumors were back. Today, we bring you denials from two sources. We’ll start with the Sixers brass in the Philadelphia Daily News:

Sixers chairman Ed Snider referred to a report that Brown - now coaching the Charlotte Bobcats - was positioning himself to return to the Sixers as president and perhaps coach as “total, unadulterated bull...”

“I don’t know where this stuff comes from,” Snider said last night. “I keep reading that [new Bobcats owner] Michael Jordan has said it’d be OK for Brown to leave [under certain circumstances]. But it’s not coming from us. Nothing is coming from us.”

Then there is Larry Brown himself in the Gaston Gazette.

“I think I’ve answered that for the last two months,” Brown said when asked to comment on the reports. “I’m not coaching anywhere but Charlotte....

“Now, am I going to talk to my family and talk to Michael? Absolutely,” said Brown, who has two years left on a four-year coaching contract he signed with the Bobcats in May 2008. “But I’m not coaching anywhere but for Michael if he’ll have me.”

So we’re all in agreement, right? Wrong.

These rumors are coming from somewhere and they are coming with a reason. Maybe it is Brown’s people/agent trying to create leverage with Jordan for the talks this summer. Maybe Brown wants a GM/front office job and is trying to create that for himself. Maybe it is Philadelphia trying to create some discord in Charlotte so they can get Brown. Maybe a lot of things.

But it is in somebody’s interest to keep spreading them or it would die -- and it is not dying.