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Stackhouse no Richard Jefferson fan

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If San Antonio’s front office had listened to Jerry Stackhouse they might be in a much happier place right now. Or if they just listened to Stackhouse’s radio show on XM Radio’s Mad Dog channel. Via TrueHoop, we get Stackhouse unleashed:

“I just don’t think he’s as good as everybody talked him up to be, to me. I mean, I think he has some talent, he’s an athlete but a lot of the best basketball we’ve seen from Richard Jefferson came when he played with Jason Kidd, when he was just pretty much spoon-fed at the basket and was able to run out and just be an athlete.

“When it comes down to a half-court set and just being able to play half-court basketball I don’t think he’s that special of a player, in my opinion. It’s just one of those things where it’s just not a good fit. It wasn’t a great fit for him in Milwaukee when he was here. He had some big games but really nothing special. He wasn’t a guy that really helped them go to another level as far as wins and losses. And I think they’re finding out in San Antonio that he may not be the right fit for what they want to do. If I know [head coach Gregg] Popovich like I know him I could very easily see him not in a San Antonio uniform next year.”

Good luck moving a $15 million deal for next year. Maybe at the trade deadline somebody will take the second half of that contract to help clear cap space/add on to a contender who needs another body, but for a full season?

Good to know the Spurs brass does make mistakes. They just do it less than most teams.