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Stan Van Gundy says brother Jeff is not going to coach next season, stop putting him on lists.

Every time a new coaching vacancy opens up, the list of potential coaches includes Jeff Van Gundy, the most famous and in-the-spotlight unemployed coach in the league. Those lists are also legally required to include Larry Brown (and with him use the word “wanderlust”).

But Jeff’s brother Stan Van Gundy -- who has a little time to talk with his team up 2-0 in the first round -- told FanHouse not so fast with assuming his brother will race back into the coaching ranks.

“He hasn’t shown any great interest in getting back in,’' Stan said before the Magic/Bobcats Game 2 Wednesday night. “I’d be surprised by that. I think he’s pretty happy, and his family is happy where he is.’'

The brothers talk often -- a few times a week -- and Stan said that Jeff often still calls to offer coaching advice...

“His family is happy the way it is now, and I’m not sure uprooting them now is what he wants to do,’' Stan said. “He hasn’t shown any inclination to do that. He likes what he’s doing -- spending a lot of time with the family -- and he works 50 days a year, which isn’t a bad job.’'

First things first: When Jeff calls Stan to offer coaching advice, is it always “slow the pace down, play harder on defense, don’t worry so much about scoring.” Because that’s what I imagine it would be.

When Jeff Van Gundy’s name pops up on all those lists, there’s an assumption that he wants badly to get back on the bench. If there is one takeaway from this, it is don’t think that way. Maybe he’s happy doing what he’s doing. Maybe he doesn’t feel like drawing up a game plan for Minnesota on the second night of a back-to-back in February. Maybe getting paid well to work 50 days a year is not such a bad gig.