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Stephen Curry not playing smart in Keith Smart offense yet


Last season, as the point guard in Don Nelson’s free-flowing offense, Stephen Curry had nearly a 2:1 assist to turnover ratio.

So far this preseason in the smarter Keith Smart offense that is a 1:1 ratio. As in 28 assists and 28 turnovers. Not good.

Last season Curry’s turnover rate of 16.5 percent was too high but not unexpected for a rookie learning the toughest position in the NBA. He was in an offense that, when forced to slow down in the half court, was largely a series of pick-and-rolls where he could read and just go make a play.

Smart has brought in more flex-style sets, essentially bringing Utah Jazz to the bay area. Lots of off the ball movement, far fewer basic pick-and-roll sets. It makes the job of the point guard very different and Curry told the San Francisco Chronicle he was figuring it all out.

“It’s me trying to create a play instead of reading the play correctly,” Curry said. “It’s working the kinks out of the new lineup and figuring out where people are going to be. But, I’m not panicking.”

It’s not just Curry to blame for this, players are dropping his passes or missing them as they did not expect the ball on a cut.

Curry and Smart do not like the turnovers, but both are treating it as a learning experience. Understandable. And it’s not like the Warriors are flush with other options — Curry is the point guard and they are committed to him. How fast Curry learns and adjusts will determine how fast the Warriors start to turn the corner this season.