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Stephen Curry says he would pick Joel Embiid as MVP

Dan Patrick details why he thinks it's Joel Embiid's Most Valuable Player award to win, as the NBA enters its final week of the regular season.

Joel Embiid remains the betting favorite to win MVP (-250 at our partner, PointsBet), with Nikola Jokić (+225) as the second choice and Giannis Antetokounmpo (+550) third. There is a legitimate case to be made for any of the three to win MVP, and all three will get some first-place votes (which are due April 10, the day after the season ends).

Stephen Curry isn’t winning it this season (only playing 53 games so far, and your team is struggling to avoid the play-in, will do that), but if he had a vote he would cast it for Embiid, he told Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report and TNT.

“I would say Joel,” Curry told Bleacher Report.

“Any person you pick, their body of work could be compared to Jokić or Giannis. But Joel took a leap that I think a lot of people didn’t expect because he was dominant already. That leap turned heads and put Philly in a great position. If I had to pick, it would be him.”

Embiid has been more efficient with his shot, 65.1 true shooting percentage this season (up from 61.6 last season), he leads the NBA in scoring at 33 points per game while shouldering a huge defensive burden for a title contender with the fourth-best record in the league this season. We could spend a thousand words making Embiid’s legitimate case for MVP — then do the same for Antetokounmpo and Jokić. There is not a bad choice among them.

The question, particularly for voters, is: What do you prioritize in picking an MVP? How do you define value? Is being the best player on the best team enough? The best player in the league? Or is it a matter of the role and load a player has to carry on his team, and how he fulfills those duties? No one stat is the answer. There is no one correct way of looking at things. Reasonable people can and will disagree, which is why it’s unfortunate the tone of this debate got so ugly. This should be a celebration of the game’s best players.

For Curry, that award belongs to Joel Embiid this season. We’ll see if the media panel that votes on the award agrees.