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Stephen Curry takes Uber to get around Bay Area

Warriors' Stephen Curry discusses what it's like trying to become the face of the NBA and breaks down his pregame ritual of shooting from the tunnel.

Much like living in Manhattan, if you live in the heart of the Bay Area owning a car can be a luxury. You don’t need it to get around — mass transit and taxis/Uber — can get you where you want to go, and without the challenge and expense of finding parking.

But if you have money — say, you’re Stephen Curry and making “just” $11.4 million this season, plus what Under Armour and other sponsors pay him — you can afford a car or three.

Curry, he still Ubers around town.

Wednesday during media availability Curry was asked about the buzz in the Bay Area with NBA Finals (starting Thursday), the San Jose Sharks in the Stanley Cup Finals, and the big Copa America soccer tournament going on in Santa Clara, all this weekend. His answer turned heads.

”... I was in an Uber yesterday, and the guy was talking to me about all three different things going on, and just the excitement over that ten-minute drive that he had, that in a nutshell speaks volumes about how much sports means to the fans around here and excited to be a part of that and obviously on the court here at Oracle, but I’ll be watching the other two events as well.

Did you just say you were in an Uber?

“Of course (smiling).”

Curry is arguably the most recognizable face and biggest star in the Bay Area, or at least on par with Sergey Brin. So what is the reaction when he gets in the Uber?

“The Uber driver, I can’t really reenact it, but it was pretty funny,” Curry said. “I just kind of laugh and chuckle, because they are surprised that I’m getting in there too.”

Does Curry use Lyft too?

Just add this on to the “things that make Stephen Curry relatable” list, the one that makes him the biggest crossover star the game has today.