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The Cavs are setting themselves up to be shown up by LA again

Earlier we told you that the Cavs have turned their coaching attentions towards Brian Shaw. It behooves us to talk a little bit about what this means for Cleveland.

It means Cleveland is trying valiantly to be a premier franchise in the league. They’re willing to go out and aggressively pursue guys with championship rings. They want to show LeBron they’re willing to bring in the best to coach him (or at least, the best’s right hand man). They want to prove they’re on par with Hollywood.

And they’re going to end up looking bad again.

The Cavs need to hit a homerun with this hire, but they’re swinging for a pitch they can’t hit. Shaw has been in the Lakers’ system for years behind Phil Jackson. The triangle offense is incredibly difficult to run if you don’t have one of the two best players of the respective era in which you’re playing (ask Kurt Rambis). Shaw knows that Phil Jackson is close to retiring, and that the Lakers job, a job that could set him up for life by netting him an easy championship as head coach, may be right there for the taking.

Cleveland’s a fine city, rich in sports history with tremendous fans. But the Cavs dont’ need to be wasting their time with Brian Shaw. They need to go find a coach that’s attractive to LeBron and that doesn’t care about playing in Cleveland. It’s a hard fit, but one they need to focus on, rather than going all Jimminy Cricket on a star.