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The Sixers are trying, they just suck

It is as big a March tradition as picking Murray State to win in the first round of the Big Dance only to be let down -- NBA teams tanking for more lottery ping pong balls.

And the Philadelphia 76ers are just 2 and 8 in their last 10, so they must be tanking, right? No, apparently they just really suck that much. And will admit that to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“It’s impossible,” (Rodney Carney) said. “You get out there, your natural instincts are to try to compete to win the game. Rather than, ‘Oh, I’ll miss this shot.’ No way.”

Carney added: “You hear about it, but you don’t want to do it. We want to win every game we can, regardless of some higher draft pick we could get. We don’t worry about that, and we don’t want to think about it, either.”

Rodney, my man, it is not impossible. All a team needs to do is play the raw rookies more -- “we’re just trying to see what we have with them” -- and make sure players who have started setting tee times for the summer get key minutes. Happens all the time. Occasionally it’s even more blatant than that. Trust us it happens.

How much this year, when the Nets have the most ping-pong balls locked up? Hard to say. But it’s nice that the Sixers don’t have to worry about that. They are just so flat out bad when then do try that is enough.