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The time employees of several different NBA teams thought their GM was the laziest

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson


Phil Jackson’s lethargy while running the Knicks became legendary.

But he wasn’t the only NBA executive coasting on the job.

Henry Abbott of TrueHoop on The Full 48 with Howard Beck:

One time on TrueHoop, I published that I’d heard from a team, a front-office employee, that their GM was in the office about four hours a week. I published that on TrueHoop at, let’s say, 10:30 in the morning. Before noon, I had gotten three different phone calls being like, “How do you know about our GM?” I was like, “It wasn’t your GM!”

Being an NBA general manager is a massive undertaking.

The general manager is charged with drafting, trading and signing players. The preparation necessary to do those things well is exhausting.

Except in a few organizations with active and present owners, the general manager also sets a tone and organizes all of basketball operations. Though those internal responsibilities often get overlooked, they’re vital.

I can’t imagine doing all that well in just four hours per week. How do the owners tolerate that?