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Twitter mystery: What happened at Pistons practice yesterday?

Finally, something interesting happened with the Pistons. But we don’t know what.

Instead, we have a “twitter mystery” thanks to two player tweets yesterday. The first was Charlie Villanueva.

This has been a very fustrating year, it just only got worse 2day, I have never experienced, in my 5 years, what I have experience this year

When people started replying asking what was up, Villanueva shut the conversation down.

Let’s put it like this, I rather not say anything cause I don’t want to get fined

Then we had a couple tweets from rookie Austin Daye:

Sonthin happened to me today that won’t every happen again and I’m just venting right now but I’m twisted mad and and gunna b ready 4 r game

@Adaye5 every1 I’m twisted (mad) right now but when I’m in LA imma work myself to death to try and get myself right for next year

Nobody is talking. Yet. Villanueva later said he was over it and Daye joked around with reporters and said nothing. But the media loves uncovering a mystery, even if there isn’t that much to uncover.

Is this frustrations boiling over for a Pistons team that had a recent history of success but are sucking this season? Did it dawn on the players that this team is going to suck for a few years to come after last off-season’s moves? Did J.R. Smith’s driver fill Villanueva’s car with popcorn?

Inquiring minds want to know.