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Ty Lawson drops a dime... of 3-pointers

Ty Lawson was a name that was talked about as a “future asset” for the Nuggets during the Melo trade stuff. He could be pretty good as a starter, was the thought. He made losing Billups acceptable. And while Lawson has shown that he’s worthy of being a piece of the puzzle, he hadn’t had a singular game to blow you away, as part of the Nuggets’ cohesive horde strategy.

He’s got one now.

Lawson hit ten threes Saturday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves, finishing 10-11 from the arc. His miss? A half-court heave at the end of the 3rd quarter that kept him out of the record books for most consecutive threes in a game without a miss. That is the very definition of “unconscious.” Check it out.

You would think after, oh, say, the seventh one that the Wolves would stick a man on Lawson and tell him not to hedge. You would think that they would recognize, hey, this guy’s gone berserk, we might want to put a guy on him so we don’t get any more embarrassed. You would think that they would recognize that seven is enough and stop him.

You would be wrong to think so.