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Tyreke Evans is all kinds of special, in case you didn’t notice

From the Sacramento Bee:

“It would seem easy for one to be a bit conceited with 5,000 cutouts of his face throughout the stands.

But that’s not Evans’ personality. And he was ready for the ribbing he took from his teammates.

“It looked pretty ugly,” said forward Carl Landry with a laugh.”

Tyreke Evans is having one hell of a season. He is currently averaging 20 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 5.4 assists. If he averages 19 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 3.2 assists over his remaining 17 games (so basically keeps doing what he’s been doing with a few extra rebounds), he’ll be one of only a handful of players ever to average 20, 5, and 5 in their rookie season (three of the others? Oscar Robertson, LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Yikes.).

He had his first career triple-double last night. He is now one of only seven players to have a triple double at age 20 and one of only six players to do it in his rookie season as a 20 year old.

And as the Bee notes, Evans was humble after the game.

His teammates love him. It would be easy for there to be unrest about the attention being driven on the young point guard (and he is a point guard, just a different model). But instead whenever a teammate or he makes a big play, they are there to celebrate together. Even after he had some tough words for a teammate last week, he apologized. That’s just the kind of player he is.

There are weaknesses in his game, to be sure. Though his defense is world’s ahead of most rookies, and even last year’s rookie of the year, Evans still needs the predictable work at that end of the floor. He needs to work on his jumper and polish up some things.

But man, what a start for a 20 year old. The only triple doubles I was logging at 20 were tequila shots, skipped classes, and Ultimate Frisbee drops .

HT: Sactown Royalty for the 20-5-5 digits.