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Video: Metta World Peace’s new video/movie is… very him

Ron Artest Parade

First a word of warning: While this video is technically safe for work, if you are easily offended by things of a sexual nature you should not push play. Which is another way of saying you should not show this video to your grandmother. But if you are showing Metta World Peace music videos to your grandmother, you have some other problems to deal with.

This video (or movie, if that’s what he wants to call it) of the latest MWP song has pretty much everything you expect in a rap video from a basketball star — lots of scantily clad women, a strip bar, drinks on the house (for the ladies), people waiving their arms in the air like they just don’t care and all the rest of it. If you want more detail, the brilliant minds at The Basketball Jones have broken it all down for you.

My favorite part is near the end, when MWP says he is disappointed that he never got a tryout with Team USA and he’s really not sure why. He wanted one. We could discuss the on-the-court issues (Andre Iguodala is a better fit and wing defender specialist for a number of reasons) but really, there is a bigger one — the guys on Team USA represent the USA and its image. The rest of this video explains why that may not work for old-school Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski.