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Video: Yao Ming blocks a bullet in anti-poaching video

Kenya  Yao Ming

Yao Ming, China s top basketball star, Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012, Nairobi, Kenya, with the Director of Kenya Wildlife Services, Julius Kipn’getich, left, watching the elephant tusks at the Kenya Wildlife Services strong room. Ming is visiting Kenya on his first-ever visit to Africa to film a documentary aimed at reducing poaching attacks against elephants and rhinos. The two animals are coming under increasing attacks by poachers who sell rhino horns and elephant tusks to buyers in Asia who acquire the animal products as a sign of affluence. Ming has spent nearly a week in Kenya, visiting wildlife parks where he has seen elephant carcasses killed by poachers. (AP Photo/Sayyid Azim)


I’d tell you not to try blocking a bullet like a lazy lay-up at home, but really this falls under the same thing as the warning on hair dryers not to use them in the shower — if you’re stupid enough to try it, well, then it’s natural selection at work.

Yao Ming is working on a documentary trying to stem animal poaching in Africa from the demand end of the equation — if you stop buying contraband goods, if the demand dries up, then the supply will drop off as well and the poaching will go away. (I will leave it up to you to draw any parallels with the war on drugs.) Ivory is a hot commodity in China, which is fueling the poaching, so him stepping in on this issue (as he did with shark fins for shark fin soup) and traveling to Kenya is a noble effort.

This is less of an issue here stateside, I just liked the video, and the message, and we are in the dead part of the off-season, so here you go. I look forward to the return of the NBA season and actual news and games to analyze, too.

Hat tip to SLAM.