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Want the Cavaliers to stop dancing? Beat them.

The Cleveland Cavaliers dance. It is their thing. From Riverdance to Rick Astley, the Cavaliers have danced (why anyone is moved to move by Rick Astley is beyond us, but different strokes). Their pregame handshake ritual makes the Bird of Paradise mating dance look simple. The game is supposed to be a celebration and that is how they see it. They are a team having fun.

That grates on other teams, who feel like the Cavaliers are doing it just to show them up. The Celtics thought so at the end of last season, the Bulls do now.

Kevin McHale told the Chicago Tribune that if you want stop the Cavaliers from moving their feet, you’ve got to do it on the court.

“They won’t dance if they’re down 20,” McHale said. “They’re saying, ‘Go ahead and stop us from doing it. If you don’t like this dancing, don’t let us dance.’

“I think every dominant team crosses a line occasionally. I played on (Celtics) teams that would look at the other team and say, ‘We’re going to kick your butt. What are you going to do about it?’

“It’s a different era today and that’s Cleveland’s expression. Yeah, it’s a little over the top sometimes.”

Straight up. To the winners go the spoils. If Cleveland is beating you by 20, they can dance all they want, take your drinks and steal your women. Those are the rules. You want to shut them up, shut them down. That simple.