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Will Bynum tells a Rasheed Wallace trick shot story

Rasheed Wallace Pistons

Who doesn’t love a good Rasheed Wallace story?

SLAM did a Q&A with veteran Pistons guard Will Bynum, who will be back with the team when camp opens in five weeks. He talked about how smart Greg Monroe is, what a beast Andre Drummond is, and how they need to work to build chemistry with Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings. All the usual stuff.

Then Leo Sepkowitz does the brilliant move of asking Bynum to tell a Rasheed Wallace story since they played together. And Bynum talks trick shot.

Ah man, I got so many of those. Sheed makes the shot—like from outside of the court, like outside of the three-line but off the court, with both hands at the same time with two balls. I mean he like practiced these trick shots all the time. And he makes them! He makes these crazy shots that you’ve never ever seen before. Like he’d shoot a shot like behind the backboard with two balls with both hands—left and right hand—at the same time and make ‘em! It’s just crazy.

What do you want to bet ‘Sheed, now a Pistons’ assistant coach, still can make those shots and is going to take some money off a gullible rookie this season?