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Wizard’s Kevin Seraphin loves snakes more than you do

Kevin Seraphin snakes

It is the offseason, so sometimes we catch things that might slip past us when we are focused on trivial details like games and standings and level of play. Although, not sure that photo would have slipped by us in any circumstance.

That is Wizards soon to be third year player Kevin Seraphin, and those are two rather large snakes around his neck like a scarf. Each apparently weighs like 40 pounds, so maybe Seraphin was doing some squats with them as part of his off-season workout regimin. Probably not.

As Ball Don’t Lie reminded us, Seraphin loves snakes and owns a small one named “Snakey.” Very creative. Serapnin himself put that photo out via instagram (while on vacation in Ibiza), we can assume he’s thinking about growing the snake collection some day.

What I want to see is Wizards’ coach Randy Whittman have to put a “no muthaf****** snakes on the muthaf****** plane” team policy in place.