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Aaron Rodgers knows Mitchell Trubisky can get better on the bench

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers spent three years on the bench waiting to take over the starting job and he thinks the Bears are making the right choice with Mitchell Trubisky.

Aaron Rodgers knows firsthand the benefit of a young quarterback watching for a few years, and he believes Mitchell Trubisky can improve without playing.

Of course, the realities of Brett Favre and Mike Glennon may not allow for the same apprenticeship, but the Packers quarterback is still a fan of the long-term approach.

There’s a lot of growth that can happen sitting on the bench,” Rodgers said, via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune. “You can really gain in confidence every single day of practice. You can come along at your own speed. You’re obviously not dealing with the pressure every week of having to perform, which is a real thing. You come along and learn the league, learn how to be a professional and learn how to take care of your body.”

The Bears have insisted that Glennon is their starter, and they don’t seem in a rush to make the inevitable change. Since Glennon’s probably not headed to the Hall of Fame, it’s likely to be inside the three-year window which Rodgers got to develop as the quarterback of the scout team. But Rodgers said those reps against the Packers starting defense were key.

“You’re taking some chances on the [scout team],” Rodgers said. “Knowing how to fit balls in spots or use your eyes for some major eye-control stuff and some look-off plays. Just working on things every single day. . . .

“Work on my fundamentals. Work on my footwork; try and get my timing down. Try and put some of the plays that we were running of the other team’s into our language, so you start to work on timing up drops with the receiver routes. And just going through your progressions. Putting together some of the fronts with the shell and the coverage and the pressures. Just trying to treat those like really important reps every day.”

Trubisky has said he operates with similar daily principles and goals as he quarterbacks the Bears scout team. And he made a good impression on Rodgers during the preseason.

“He made a lot of plays, ran around, did some good things from what I saw,” Rodgers said. “But mentally it takes a while to learn the offense and, more importantly, start to learn defenses. Obviously, the game is a little different preseason to regular season.”

Rodgers said he’s been impressed with the snaps he’s seen from Trubisky in the preseason, and the Bears can only hope their first-rounder turns out anything like the Packers quarterback, whenever he takes the field.