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Aaron Rodgers tries to make tackles on interceptions, but tries to be smart about it

Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers admits he largely tries to avoid tackling players after he throws an interception but is proud of the small amount of solo hits he's given.

When Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw an interception on Sunday, he did what he usually does: He tried to make the tackle, but he didn’t try too hard.

Rodgers said on the Dan Patrick Show that his approach to tackling is to at least try to get in the way of a defensive player who has the ball, although he tries to be smart enough not to put himself at risk.

“I like to try my best. I think as a quarterback your job is more to turn the guy inside and hope your faster more athletic teammates who probably played defense at some point can make the tackle,” Rodgers said. “It’s real effort but it’s intelligent effort.”

When Seattle’s Nazair Jones picked him off yesterday, Rodgers initially gave chase but quit when he realized he had no chance of catching Jones. Jones took it to the house, but his touchdown was overturned by a penalty.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy would surely prefer that Rodgers err on the side of caution on interception returns: A pick-six is bad, but losing Rodgers to an injury suffered trying to make a tackle would be worse.