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Aidan Hutchinson would love to sack Tom Brady

Chris Simms plays a solo round of Which Doesn't Belong and Why, comparing quarterbacks who were also drafted by MLB teams, second-year QBs entering a make-or-break season and more.

So much for one Michigan man deferring to another Michigan man.

Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson, via, recently told Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan during the 2022 NFLPA Rookie Premiere that Hutchinson would love to put on the ground a quarterback who left Ann Arbor literally before Hutchinson was even born.

“I mean I grew up dressing like Tom Brady for like Halloween and stuff,” Hutchinson said. “So like if I were able to smack Tom Brady and get a sack on him, and hopefully, you know, talk some smack when we get up.

“He may not get back up,” Jordan replied. “He’s 45 or something like that.”

The Lions won’t face the Bucs this year, unless they cross paths in the playoffs. (Stop laughing; it’s not a crazy thought.) The Saints and Jordan will see Brady, at least twice. Brady has never beaten New Orleans in the regular season during his time in Tampa. Jordan really shouldn’t rattle the old man’s cage.

No one should. Regardless of Brady’s years, he continues to find supreme motivation in any and all action or perceived evidence of disrespect. Never underestimate him. Never give him even more reason to be focused on doing whatever he has to do to beat you. Because he will become more determined -- and thus more likely -- to do it.