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Andy Reid preparing for 2020 season out of his basement

Mike Florio and Chris Simms look at the early division favorites for the 2020 NFL season and explain why the Saints and Chiefs still stand out among the elites.

Where does the Super Bowl-winning coach go to prepare to defend the title when he can’t go the office? With the Chiefs’ practice facility closed, Andy Reid has found a quiet place in his home to work.

“I wish I could take you on a virtual tour of this thing,’' Reid said, via Adam Teicher of ESPN. “It’s kind of classic. I’m sitting in my basement, literally. I’ve got an arc trainer sitting here in case I want to jump on that to get a little exercise. I’ve got my monitor set up, along with my computer, my iPad right next to that. And I’ve got one of my wife’s antique tables here, a little coffee table that I’m using to throw everything on. But I’m in the basement, yeah.

“You know what? It’s not bad.’'

The uncertainty during this challenging time has reminded Reid of the early days of his coaching career. Reid, 62, was a grad assistant at his alma mater, BYU, before going to San Francisco State, Northern Arizona, UTEP and Missouri. Reid began his NFL coaching career in 1992.

“I’m glad I coached at San Francisco State, because we had to work through a lot of things there,’' Reid said. “It was Division II, non-scholarship, and everything wasn’t easy there. We had to have a guy climb up on a ladder to film practice. And the field, we had to have the players pick up rocks on the dirt field so we could actually practice. So those experiences help you in times like this, I think, when everything’s not quite perfect, to make it work.

“We stay as current as we can through information from the league. We’re approaching it like we’re having a season. I think it’s twofold, because it can be a real positive energy-giver back to the country at a time of maybe need for that. At the same time, we’re very sensitive to everything going on. But as far as the offseason goes -- again, we’re out of the office until they let us know that we can get ourselves back in and so I’ve got different plans that I’ve kind of set up for different stages of [the offseason], whether it’s virtual work or whether they let us back in the building for field work. Whatever it is, I’ve put together plans for that. And then we’ll just take it day by day and see what presents itself.”