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Arian Foster thinks his vegan diet has been overblown


When Texans running back Arian Foster mentioned this offseason that he became a vegan, it got a lot of attention. Foster says that’s less because a vegan diet affects a professional athlete, and more because everyone is so desperate for any NFL news during the offseason that the obsess over the most trivial of stories.

“There’s nothing to talk about in the offseason, that’s why. I don’t know why it got so much attention. There’s other vegans in the NFL,” Foster said in comments distributed by the team.

When reporters persisted in asking Foster about his diet, he became testy.

“Nobody asked me what I ate last year. Why is everyone so concerned about what I’m eating? It’s really not that interesting. It’s not interesting at all, actually. It’s just the flavor of the week. Y’all will forget about it in a month,” Foster told reporters.

Foster, who says he feels healthier now that he’s not eating meat or dairy products, is probably right: Everyone will forget about it in a month. And that’s a great reminder that the NFL season is finally almost upon us.