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Baker Mayfield: Let’s be honest, I put my foot in my mouth a lot this season

Mike Florio and Chris Simms sit down with Browns WR Jarvis Landry to discuss what factors led to Cleveland struggling this season.

Baker Mayfield and Rex Ryan traded words in September.

Ryan called Mayfield “overrated as hell” and a “one-read quarterback.” The Browns quarterback responded by saying there’s a reason Ryan doesn’t have a coaching job.

The two met face to face Friday on ESPN.

Ryan told Mayfield that clapping back at people doesn’t win games.

“No it doesn’t,” Mayfield told Ryan, via Jake Trotter of ESPN. “That’s what the focus needs to be on, what can I do to help this team win.”

Mayfield always has been outspoken about everything, but he probably took more criticism about it because of the Browns’ record and his play. He vowed to talk less this season.

“Let’s just be honest, I put my foot in my mouth a lot this [season],” Mayfield said. “I have to be me, but I don’t need to reply to the stuff on the outside.”

Mayfield blamed himself for the Browns’ 6-10 record. He threw 22 touchdowns and 21 interceptions and lost two fumbles.

“I’ve never turned the ball over so many times,” Mayfield said. “You can’t win like that. That falls back on me.”

Ryan and Mayfield shook hands at the end of the segment.