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Be careful this weekend with the fireworks, everybody

It’s Fourth of July weekend. And someone out there will end up with four or fewer fingers on one of their hands, thanks to the mishandling of fireworks.

It’s said, but it’s inevitable. It’s an annual reality. Somewhere (or in multiple somewheres), a combination of alcohol, stupidity, and/or hubris will permanently change someones life.

Don’t let it be you.

For those of you who read the site and/or watch PFT Live (or PFTOT or #PFTPM), you’ll know that I’ve spent some time in recent months wondering whether this constant stream of written and spoken words that evaporate almost as quickly as they’re hunt-and-pecked or uttered actually benefits anyone, in the grand scheme of things. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. However, if only one person who otherwise would find himself (or herself) with fewer than two full hands of fingers and thumbs will be a little more careful after reading these words, it’s worth it.

Be careful. If handling fireworks, follow the instructions: Light fuse and get away.

It’s not that hard. And if you can’t accomplish those two things, let someone else light the fireworks while you have a beer, a bourbon, a tequila, a cigar, a blunt, or all of the above.