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Bears propose at least one possession per team in overtime

The Bears believe that their biggest rival got a raw deal in the NFC title game.

Last month, Chicago proposed that each team would be guaranteed at least one possession in an overtime game. It’s one of the 23 potential changes submitted by the Competition Committee and by the NFL’s teams in advance of next week’s league meetings.

In 2010, the NFL changed the overtime procedure in the aftermath of the NFC title game between the Saints and Vikings, eliminating the ability to win the game with a first-possession field goal. The new rule allows the team that receives the opening kickoff in overtime to win the game with a touchdown.

The Seahawks took full advantage of that rule in January, securing a berth in the Super Bowl by finally doing that which Matthew Hasselbeck once vowed they would do to the Packers.

There’s little momentum to do what the NFL should have done back in 2010, ensuring that a team can’t be eliminated from the postseason without having a chance to advance the ball. The last change addressed specifically what happened when the Saints beat the Vikings. Now, the NFL has a chance to address specifically what happened when the Seahawks beat the Packers.

Whatever the motivation for the Bears to submit the proposal, it’s surely not that they feel bad for the Packers.