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Biggest remaining issue: Players pursuit of lost benefit money


We’ve detailed the latest wish list from the players that they want addressed before a labor deal can be reached. It appears that one issue could be trickier than the others to settle.

Albert Breer of writes the players’ pursuit of $320 million for lost benefits last year has emerged as the biggest stumbling block.

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, appearing on PFT Live explained why it may be a thorny issue.

“The quote unquote lost benefit comps of 2010 . . . this is absurd. You can’t lose something you didn’t have. The players were not due that money. That money as part of the old CBA was not due to be paid,” Kaplan told Florio. “They got an uncapped season and the owners saved $10 million-per-club in health care benefits. I don’t get where that issue is coming from.”

Our guess: It’s yet another negotiating point with two lawsuits pending. Perhaps the players want this money in exchange for dropping the Doty television case.

No one said watching the sausage get made was fun.

UPDATE: Here’s video from Kaplan and Florio.