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Bills owner: Uncertainty is the one constant in reopening

The NFL will eliminate the first and fourth weeks of the 2020 preseason and Mike Florio explains what the potential impact could be moving forward.

There seems to be a sense of frustration among some coaches and General Managers, regarding what policies they’ll be implementing when the league returns to work for training camps later this month.

That doesn’t stop on the field, either.

In this week’s Football Morning In America column, Bills co-owner Kim Pegula titled one entire section: “Uncertainty is here to stay.”

She noted that budgets for the coming year were due just as the pandemic was taking hold, so she asked department heads to recalculate to account for the lack of ticket revenue. But the challenges go beyond finances, as simply not knowing which steps can be taken at a certain point compromises their ability to take them.

“The uncertainty kept coming. Phase 1, Phase 2, CDC guidelines, New York state guidelines, league protocols. Who do we follow?” she wrote. “Is there a training camp? How many preseason games? When will players be able to come back? The only certainty was the uncertainty and the fact that change is here to stay for the foreseeable future. After almost four months of juggling multiple possibilities, we are still planning for all scenarios.

“Just when we got protocols in place for return-to-work on the business side, the league came down with new regulations about player activities and returning to play. . . .

“So just when I felt that we’d gotten into a good position with some of our return-to-work protocols, we got an enormous new challenge on the training camp front. Late June and early July would normally have been a quiet period for us, but now we’re deep in the process of implementing these league protocols, relocating office space, adding utilities for outdoor space and getting interns back. There’s still a lot of unanswered questions, and even when I get answers, those answers just seem to lead to more questions.”

That’s a familiar refrain at every level of the business at the moment, and the uncertainty seems to be the only thing everyone can count on.