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Brad Childress doesn’t watch ESPN

In case it wasn’t already obvious, Ed Werder has a much closer relationship with Brett Favre than Vikings coach Brad Childress.

Chilly said at his press conference on Monday that he was unaware of any new injury to Favre and expects him to practice Thursday. Childress didn’t anticipate an MRI on Favre’s shoulder.

“I just talked with [head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman], who just had Brett in there,” Childress said via Tom Pelissero of “To paraphrase, [Favre]'s sore today. He was in the cold tub, but I think he anticipates practicing on Thursday and being ready to go against Green Bay.”

Ultimately, we fully expect Favre to play as well. Of course. It’s just amusing that Favre keeps the national media better informed of his health than Childress. The Vikings coach seems almost chastened by recent events, not wanting to say too much in his media sessions that could get him in trouble. Childress doesn’t think health is a major problem here.

“He’s got enough of his faculties and doing enough things playing in the system here to give us a chance to win,” Childress said. “Do you like the turnovers? I don’t. I know we fell down on one. I know a ball got tipped on one. I can’t remember the third one.”