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Broncos’ field looks a little rough, choppy


It’s Week One, so the various grass fields in the NFL won’t ever be in much better condition than they’re in right now.

And the field in Denver looks awful.

Turn on NBC, if you’re not currently watching the game. (Or dial up the free live stream at There are large, conspicuous bare patches down the middle of the field, between the hash marks specifically. It’s got that worn, second-week-of-Wimbledon look. (Which I mention so that the picture makes sense.)

“The appearance of the field is poor in some areas, but the playability should be fine,” the Broncos told PFT via email. “It was a busy last month-and-a-half with several events at the stadium.”

In recent years, the NFL has stepped up efforts to ensure an appropriate level of field quality. The most aggressive attempt arose after a playoff game at Washington featured dirt that had been painted green.

If a team can’t get a grass field in the right shape, the solution is simple -- tear it up and put in an artificial surface.