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Kyle Orton trying to overcome “The Tebow Thing”

Kyle Orton

Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton takes a snap during NFL football training camp in Englewood, Colo., on Thursday, July 28, 2011.(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)


In Miami, they are chanting Kyle Orton’s name.

It’s hard to imagine Broncos fans doing the same, but Orton’s teammates sure seem to appreciate the guy.’s Jim Trotter wrote about the unspoken reality after the start of Broncos training camp: The players can see that Orton gives the team the best chance to win.

“How could the front office -- and [John] Fox, by extension -- even consider moving Orton when the gap between him, [Tim] Tebow and Brady Quinn has been as wide as the initial debt-reduction plans of Democrats and Republicans?” Trotter writes.

Trotter says many Broncos veterans shake their head at the notion Orton could be dealt.

“It’s the Tebow Thing,” wideout Brandon Lloyd said. “They’ll put Kyle on the trading block because they don’t want to deal with the Tebow Thing. But it’s not going to end until [Tebow] plays. The faster they get this Tebow Thing over with, one way or the other ...”

Lloyd said he would be “pissed” if Orton was dealt, but he’s also thought about life with Tebow. More than anything, it sounds like Broncos players want clarity. Lloyd said he practiced differently this offseason expecting Tebow to be the guy.

“Running routes is easy, especially with a pure drop-back passer like Orton. But with Tim the ball is going to be coming from different spots and different angles. That takes getting used to,” Lloyd told Trotter.

Broncos VP John Elway seems to understand that they can’t fix the quarterback competition. Orton is taking all the first team snaps now.

“Before I got here, we heard different things about the situation down in the locker room, and obviously we don’t want that to be a problem. But where we are right here is, Kyle’s here and the best guy is going to play. There’s no question that the locker room means a lot to me and a lot to John Fox. Players know players, and they want the best opportunity to win,” Elway said.

If the Broncos were going to trade to Orton, they should have done it before training camp started. Orton bet on himself by helping to scuttle the deal to Miami.

At this point, that bet is paying off.