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Broncos, Rams, Saints opt not to carry over all cap space

Before the 2011 CBA, teams had to engage in creative accounting to carry over unused cap space from one year to the next. With the current labor deal, the NFL Players Association realized that it’s in the union’s best interests to make it easy for any team to automatically bump unused space from one cap year to the next.

The NFL Players Association has announced the amounts carried over by each team, with this curious notation: the Broncos, Rams, and Saints opted not to carry over all of their remaining cap space.

It’s not known how much wasn’t carried over, or why. (We’re trying to find out answers to both.)

Here are the amounts carried over, from least to most:

Seahawks: $11,587.

Rams: $933,521.

Lions: $862,191.

Bears: $867,589.

Patriots: $1.347 million.

Saints: $1.4 million.

Ravens: $1.633 million.

Texans: $1.637 million.

Vikings: $2.090 million.

Jets: $2.484 million.

Chiefs: $2.622 million.

Chargers: $2.287 million.

Steelers: $3.00 million.

Cardinals: $3.031 million.

Broncos: $3.30 million.

Cowboys: $3.571 million.

Panthers: $3.731 million.

Falcons: $3.905 million.

Bills: $4.467 million.

Colts: $4.950 million.

Washington: $5.837 million.

Packers: $6.953 million.

Eagles: $7.255 million.

Bengals: $7.587 million.

Buccaneers: $7.987 million.

Dolphins: $9.137 million.

Giants: $11.193 million.

49ers: $12.206 million.

Raiders: $13.373 million.

Browns: $20.734 million.

Texans: $20.783 million.

Jaguars: $32.774 million.

UPDATE 11:52 a.m. ET: Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Broncos left behind $267,088, the Saints forfeited $42,712, and the Rams didn’t carry over $1.245 million.