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Browns at No. 26 can be “very flexible,” with one caveat

Kimberly A. Martin joins Michael Holley and Michael Smith and feels the Browns adding Jadeveon Clowney is a nice addition as a complimentary piece, but he needs to stay healthy.

The Browns will pick near the bottom of round one for the first time in a long time. So could they move up?

G.M. Andrew Berry addressed in a Friday press conference the flexibility that the Browns have with the 26th pick.

“In general, how I view the draft is we really go into the mindset of really trying to maximize the long-term impact on our roster,” Berry said. “It is less about filling a need or some level of instant gratification on the roster and more about a longer-term focus on the team. That all being said, I like where we are picking, and not just at 26, but at 59, 89, 91, 110 and so forth. There are plenty of opportunities where we can add young players who can grow with us over the next several years. To your question about moving off of the pick, I think the positioning in this draft allows us to be very flexible, whether that is moving up, down or sitting and picking. Largely, that will be dictated by how the board falls ahead of us. I think we have a lot of flexibility going into Thursday night.”

So, like every other team in round one (except the Jaguars), Cleveland’s options are to trade up, trade down, or use their pick. However, with the Browns may not want to not have a first-round selection during the draft they’re hosting.

“I am going to guess a quiet Thursday night would not be popular amongst this audience,” Berry said with a laugh. “I will tell you that I am comfortable if we pick, I am comfortable if we move out, and I am comfortable if we move up. Largely, it depends on circumstance, but I am not married to really any particular decision certainly six days from us knowing what the first pick of the draft is going to be.”

That’s why there are so many possibilities for many team. The more the board plays out, the more obvious it will be whether someone wants to move up, whether a team will want to move down, or whether the team will stay put and take someone who’s still there. Still, the fans in Cleveland who will be waiting all night to learn the name of the team’s newest player won’t be thrilled with the prospect of the Browns ultimately adding no one.