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Browns ownership should let Dorsey hire his own coach

New Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey is already fighting against the dysfunction rooted in the organization, specifically around coach Hue Jackson.

It’s now abundantly clear that someone spoke to new Browns G.M. John Dorsey after his last radio interview regarding the things he should, and shouldn’t, say during his next radio interview. But the fact that Dorsey is now saying what he should have said last week when asked about whether coach Hue Jackson will return doesn’t make it any less clear that Dorsey would prefer to hire his own coach.

Why not let him? Why force upon Dorsey an arranged marriage that will delay, if not derail, Dorsey’s ability to point the franchise in the direction he envisions?

Dorsey and Jackson barely knew each other before Dorsey got the job; maybe it all works out well, maybe it won’t. Regardless, Dorsey should have the power to make a decision about whether he’ll hire Jackson or someone else to coach the team. Given Jackson’s performance (and it can’t be all Sashi Brown’s fault when a team loses 29 of 30 games), Dorsey would be more than justified to decide that the time has come to move on.

For whatever reason, ownership won’t let that happen. It’s unclear why. Apparently, Jackson made a very compelling case in the non-power struggle power struggle that preceded Brown’s termination. Possibly, ownership doesn’t want to be perceived as giving the ever-revolving door another shove.

But they shouldn’t worry about that. A fresh start can’t be done partially. Let Dorsey decide what to do. Although we’ve criticized the Browns a lot over the past few years, I vow that I will not criticize but praise the Browns if they decide to let Dorsey decide who the coach will be.

If they don’t, I reserve the right to continue to say and/or to write that the Browns ultimately still don’t get it. Because it will be proof positive that they definitely don’t.