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Bruce Arians has no concerns about Tom Brady chewing out teammates

Mike Florio and Chris Simms draft their goats (in a bad way) from Week 5, including Philip Rivers and Tom Brady.

Last Thursday night, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady blew a gasket on center Ryan Jensen after a drive that eventually had Tampa Bay facing third and 5. Coach Bruce Arians has no problem with Brady giving the business to his teammates.

That’s just being yourself,” Arians said Tuesday, via “I don’t have any problem with it. At least I don’t have to go back there and cuss them out. They’ve already got an earful by the time I get over there.

“Tom has got to be Tom. I’m not going to ask him to be somebody different. He does a good job of patting [teammates] on the back, too. He might explode but he’s going to go down there and pat them on the back and get them going.”

Of course, Brady ultimately did something for which he should have been cussed out: He didn’t know a key fourth down was fourth down. But no one chewed him out for that. Arians, who publicly called out Brady for a couple of interceptions after a Week One loss to the Saints, claimed on multiple occasions that Brady knew it was fourth down, even if it looked like he didn’t. (That suggests Brady found a way to make it known to Arians that airing out dirty laundry would no longer be appreciated.)

Brady still hasn’t acknowledged his mistake. Yes, pride and human nature often take over in such situations. However, Brady should realize that admitting that he committed an error would make him seem more human. We all make mistakes, even Brady. There’s nothing wrong with admitting it, especially when everyone knows it was a mistake.