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Buccaneers send their rookies to finishing school

full etiquette placesetting

Getty Images/iStockphoto

NFL teams always give their rookies a crash course in football at their first minicamp, Some, like the Rams, give them some financial tips before they hand them a bonus check.

But the Buccaneers want to make sure their draft class knows which fork to use.

Via Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, the Buccaneers put their rookies through a three-hour etiquette class this week.

“I walked away from there saying ‘What gentlemen, every single one of them,’” said etiquette coach Patricia Rossi, who has worked with other NFL and MLB teams. “You see how sweet they are. These are my favorite. They want to learn. They love it and they engage.”

Rossi said the session was more about handling one’s self in social situations with grace, rather than just table manners.

However, we’re pretty sure leaping onto the table and yelling vulgar internet memes is discouraged, though it’s been a moment since we’ve read our Emily Post.

Players were instructed on everything from good handshakes and social media behavior to networking and body language.

And we’re just guessing here, but we figure she had at least one instruction on making sure one uses the correct utensil when eating crab legs.