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Can anyone beat the Saints?

This Thanksgiving, Steve and Michel Gleason take Peter King through his journey to becoming a father while fighting ALS and watching his son play flag football.

During last night’s game, this question was posed on Twitter: Can anyone in the NFC beat the Saints? Maybe in the aftermath of the 31-17 victory against a desperate division rival from Atlanta the question should be this: Can anyone in the NFL beat the Saints?

The Buccaneers, somehow, accomplished that feat in Week One. The Browns, somehow, nearly did the same in Week Two. Since then, the Saints have rolled to 10 straight victories and counting.

The Cowboys get the next shot at the Saints in Dallas next Thursday night, then the Bucs get the Saints in Tampa, a game that should be a far cry from September 9. Then comes a three-game gauntlet that suddenly looks less daunting on the front and back end: at Panthers, Steelers, Panthers.

It looks like four wins, all due respect to the Panthers, with the Steelers game in Week 16 standing out as the potential next Game of the Year. But only if the Saints haven’t clinched the No. 1 seed by then. With the Rams also at 10-1, it’s likely the Saints will need to win that game. Even if the Saints don’t need to win that game, they’ve adopted an unrelenting killer instinct that would likely prompt them to put the foot on the gas and their feet on the throats of any opponent, regardless of whether the top seed is a certainty or not.

Sure, things could change in the playoffs, when the dynamic switches to single elimination. For now, though, in a league with plenty of great teams, the Saints stand out in a big, bright way. They’ll surely be favored in every game they play the rest of the way, and there’s a not-so-insignificant chance that they’ll win every game the rest of the way.